It was all a lie I guess. Falling for a guy who was hiding a girlfriend the whole time. I found it really hard to believe but it’s been 5 days since she messaged me and I haven’t heard from him since. I’ve messaged, I’ve waited patiently and nothing. I feel crazy but above everything I’m so hurt.

I believed in this relationship so much, everything was going well. I guess I didn’t see the signs. It’s hard to think that someone would string me along like that. Actually no it’s not hard to believe, it’s happened before but I didn’t think he would string me along.

I believed every word, told him how I wanted to be his wife and now….now I can’t stop crying. Now all I want more then anything is to go back to last week when this didn’t happen and I was the happiest person in the world.
I have a feeling he won’t give me an explanation. And that hurts even more cause it makes me feel like I was never worth that much to him anyway. What hurts more is that I lose a friend in the process. A really cool friend at that. I still wanna be his friend but it seems like he’ll never talk to me again. 

Why do people do this? I can’t think of any reasons why, and the longer I sit here with no explanation the more crazy I start to feel.  The more I want to cry and just disappear. We haven’t even been together that long, but I guess I love too hard. 

Everyone’s saying time will fix it, I feel like if I knew the truth this would be easier to get over. Tbh I just wanna forget all of this, I just don’t know how 😦


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