Hey hey hey

It’s been a while hasn’t it…well let me give you a real quick update.


Been going out a lot, diving into old projects, playing games, working and learning about myself. Yo I even talked to le ex…can I even call him that? For “I can’t be effed elaborating on this” purposes, we’ll refer to him as the ex lol.  He still hasn’t addressed the whole situation but I can have a conversation about gaming with him. Not on our own..no no no that will never happen, but in a twitch stream and in the gaming community we’re a part of then yeah I can talk to him.

Anyway I’m in a happier place, life is good and I wanna get my ideas outta my head and into the places they’re supposed to be. Project Number 1:  Lose weight !

I’m taking part in a weight loss challenge at work, joined the gym and have then intention of losing weight. Don’t get me wrong…it’s been like 3 days and I’m finding it hard, but when you weigh over 100kgs then fuck yeah it’s gonna be hard. Shits never easy.

Project 2: Crochet project: If you know me you know I LOOOOOOVE beanies !! So I’m crocheting a bunch of beanies. I’m getting better and better but I have a pretty awesome idea with these beanies. I don’t really wanna elaborate too much on it right now, but it involves me and a whole lotta crocheting

Project 3:  Write a story/poem: I’ve been wanting to write for such a long time, and every time I try to write it just ends up being this random as thing that makes me feel uncomfortable.  I’m always thinking bigger and better, but my actual skill set is small and beginner level.  But i’m not gonna get better if I just sit around and not actually write anything am I right? yeah so I need to do more of that

Project 4:  FullyBooked:  I miss making Youtube videos, and I have so many ideas in getting back into it…I just need to actually do it. I even have a few more books now so I really should get back into it. I’ll get there soon enough…just need to make time for it and get that going again

Project 5: Streaming more:  This one will take up most of my time especially on my days off. But i love streaming, it’s fun to just play games and talk to people.

Basically I just wanna do more of the things that I’ve always wanted to do..so I’m gonna work towards that. I’ll keep you updated



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