Reading Is Fundamental – RuPaul Charles

Now if you watch RuPauls Drag Race you will familiar with the phrase “Reading is Fundamental” of course Ru means it in the way of throwing shade at the contestants, where as I take it for it’s literal meaning, reading is fundamental and every person should read. Doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you’re reading.

So I want to have a section in my blog where I review the last book I read and that section is going to be called “Reading is Fundamental”.  This post will be the first of many…hopefully.  Today’s book review is Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote.

I’ll be absolutely honest with you…I didn’t like this book.  It was a story of a rich girl who could wrap any man around her finger in an instant….and then she just disappeared.  It felt like I wasted my time listening to someone remember a person who wasn’t completely interested in him. It also didn’t feel like there was a point to it besides her being unforgettable and a guy regretting not trying harder.

With that being said…I couldn’t put the book down. I kept expecting there to be something epic, like the characters will murder someone or something dramatic like that….but it never happened.

I guess I liked it enough to finish the book,  but not enough to think it was amazing. Would I watch the movie after reading the book? No.  Would I read the book again?  No…I rarely read books twice but if I do it has to been a super amazing book that I absolutely love, this wasn’t it.

If you’ve read Breakfast at Tiffany’s let me know what you thought. Did you like it or not?  Did you prefer the book or the movie?

Final rating:  2.5/5

On to the next book 😀


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