Finding my spiritual strength

I found recently that I really miss being a strong woman of God. I used to be all in His word, would attend all the youth gatherings, prayer groups, go to church almost everyday…but now not much of any of those things happens.  I’m still a believer in God it’s just…I’m not so much a believer as I used to be and I wanna get that back.

I’m trying to do reading plans and saying small prayers here and there…but how does someone just back to that? Does anyone have any advice?  Actually how to do you stay a strong believer while working? cause that’s what gets me.

I’m also struggling with being a confident believer…when people start smack talking my faith or Jesus instead of saying something I just sit there an laugh along.  I know it’s wrong but if I challenge them…what am I supposed to say? I don’t know the bible that well and I don’t even know my faith that well…help?


Thoughts on the bus

What is the purpose of celebrating birthdays if we don’t appreciate it’s significance everyday?

We make a big deal about the 1 day in the year that signifies our birth, our start of existence, our journey through life. Yet in our daily lives we hardily live.

I’m surrounded by people who are so hollow on the inside, yet try to sell this facade of them being full of life and appreciating everything they have. You have nothing, how can you sell yourself short like that?

For me, if I can’t feel excited, surprised, curious, spontaneous, loving or loved then I feel like I’m not living. Of course my idea of living life is different to yours, but if you sat down and unveiled all the good and bad things in your life right now, could you confidently and whole-heartedly say that you were happy with where you are? Are you happy with the journey of life you’re on? If not don’t be afraid to admit that to yourself, follow your heart and live happily everyday.

Don’t sell yourself short because death doesn’t cut corners. It cuts life lines, don’t make easier for death to collect you.

Game Changer

I live in a world where everything is instant, expectations are super high and people think they’re always right. I hate it. In all honesty it’s not a world that one can continue to grow in.

It stops a lot of things from happening. It’s stop friendships and intimate relationships from growing, stops you from learning, stops you from being empathetic, stops you from feeling or freely expressing how you feel, you become more impatient and angry when things don’t go your way. You lose the ability to be creative because you’ve now become used to everyone handing things to you.

Nah I’m not about that. I want to be able to depend on myself. Make ends meet on my own terms. So for the rest of what remains of 2016 I’m going to put myself out there without holding myself back. I’m going to write whatever I want to write, film, paint, draw, speak, express, feel, try and experience different things. I’ll try not to be critical of my work but I want to teach myself how to be free.

Teach myself not to be dependent on what others can do for me or what they think, but trust what I am already able to do. This probably doesn’t make any sense but that’s ok, cause for me it does.  And if you happen to understand what the heck I’m on about then you may be on the same page as I am. If so then that’s awesome, I hope you get as unapologetically creative as I am (also feel free to share your work with me hehehe)